NOA Santa Fe Convention Speakers Announced

The National Onion Association has set the line-up of speakers at their annual conference: 
Bob Ehart, Senior Policy & Science Advisor for the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
Drew Zabrocki, CEO of Centricity Global
Mary Lucero, PhD, Systems Piologist of End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC
John Stenderup, Manager of C.H. Robinson’s Western Growers Transportation Program
Ariane Michas, Jill Marshall, and Abby Woughter from Blue Apron Mealkit Delivery Service
Kate Winslow and Guy Ambrosino, Cookbook Author/Food Photographer of Onions Etctera
 Reservations for the conference must be secured by Wednesday, November 7, 2017 and NOA warns that Inn and Spa at Loretto is extremely popular during the pre-yearend holiday period. They recommend planning and booking early.


Book online: 

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