Drone Package Flies Into Market


Aero Hawk is flying into the precision ag market with its new combination of drone, camera and software designed for the ag industry.

The drone and four-lens camera combination weighs in at 2.9 pounds. The lightweight design provides a flight time of 25 minutes with the unit covering 160 acres on one battery charge. The eight-megapixel camera is equipped with four filters including two tri-band filters.

Aero Hawk downloads the data from the camera and uploads it directly onto a user’s computer in less than two hours. Aero Hawk software stitches the pictures based on the best pixel, providing seamless data, according to the company. Data provided can be used to pinpoint areas in the field that have disease, damage, normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and water issues, and to see relative nitrogen values. More than three dozen indexes can be measured per flight.

Pricing is under $5,000.

Visit www.aero-hawk.com.