Greentronics, Inc.


World’s first fully automated track & trace system!!

RITETRACE records and tracks loads from known field locations to known storage locations.

Included HarvestView software generates Field and Bin maps with reports by load, field, and date.

Provides traceability to fulfill food safety requirements. Linked maps allow users to connect quality in field and storage for agronomic benefits.Provides tranparency to buyers. Integrates with Greentronics’ well-known RiteYield yield monitor which has been specially developed for root crop and vegetable harvesters where crop moves on conveyors. Both systems are available to run on displays from John Deere and Trimble allowing users to view a yield map and other details in real time. ISOBUS compatibility is also available. Contact Greentronics for a free demo program.  Please visit for further details.

Newtec weighing/bagging machines.

Combination scales, weights from 1 to 50# in 1 drop, 16 weighing heads, high capacity, high speed, easy maintenance, and internet + database connectivity.